A Walk in The Dark


”I will give you the treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the LORD, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.” (Isaiah 45:3)

All of us have eyes, yet not all of us can see. Some of us are spiritually blind while others are physically blind.


I once had a piano instructor who was blind. Despite his blindness, he knew his way around his home, his neighborhood, and community. He always amazed me with the things he could do without sight. For example, during rehearsal, I would excuse myself to use the bathroom. I would return without alerting him, but he always sensed my presence. A child at the time, I was persuaded he could see because he knew where I was when I wasn’t sitting beside him on the piano bench during my lesson. He even counted change due back for payment of the lesson, further convincing me he could see. My childhood shyness prevented me from asking how he could do all this. I learned years later that God had presented this brilliant teacher with heightened senses beyond my understanding. This man recognized the real treasures in his life and did not complain about his lack of sight.


Do the eyes have it?
According to the piano teacher, the answer is no! Why? Because he could function in a world dominated by people with eyesight. He functioned because God gave him special tools.


Often people find themselves in the dark, facing trials and overwhelming challenges. But if they trust Jesus, He will send tools to help them walk through the darkness and into the light. The tool may be in form of a person or an object or an opportunity.


We may consider the dark a nocturnal time that produces significant anxiety as we wait for it to pass. However, we need to stay close to Jesus during our dark moments. We need to trust in his love and comfort in our time of need.

What treasures does God have for us in our dark days? Sometimes He sends someone to help us cross the bridge. To lead the way to healing. Sometimes the treasure is getting more in touch with Jesus . . . and becoming more like Him. Since we usually talk to Him more during difficult times, we get closer to His loving arms for comfort. Another treasure is heightened sensitivity to the needs of others.


Barbara Brown Taylor, a noted theologian, states, “One counts on preachers to keep us out of the dark not to meet us in the heart of it.” Preachers cannot save us from the dark because the dark is something we have to go through on our own. Nevertheless, the preacher will walk with us through the dark. People will come into our lives to speak words of encouragement. Things will work out. You’ll get through this. They will give us words of comfort and thoughtful cards to let us know that someone is thinking of us!


If we keep our eyes on Him, God will send many treasures to us while we walk through the dark. And then, like my piano teacher, we may be in darkness but we will be able to see. Heightened senses will accompany us. We will be more aware of God’s loving care. Even though we cannot see where we are going, we can know that God is with us. And He knows the way.





2 thoughts on “A Walk in The Dark”

  1. Absolutely wonderful Dr. Drake–knowing The Lord will definitely provide our way out of darkness. Again, your exceptional insight and personal story provides us a dynamic framework for this Word from a God.

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