John 20, Are you Uncertain Like Thomas?


Some people claim that it is hard to believe in something unless one can actually see it. I am not sure that “Doubting Thomas” (DT) gave John permission to talk about him; yet, we will find this coming week Thomas by the way as a renegade telling his friends, telling strangers (us), and the rest of the world, that unless he actually sees Jesus he is not going to believe! What a way to start the day! Not only that, but DT won’t be satisfied in seeing Jesus, he desires to examine Jesus’ hand’s and feet. DT telling everyone, “Look, I know who Jesus is and I know what I saw the other week ain’t no way [sic] Jesus is back.” Struggle DT if you must with the Good News! One would consider life is easier once we’ve had a personal touch of Jesus Christ. When we can pack our bags and be assured that no matter where we go Jesus is going to take care of us that is believing! The other day, still in Chattanooga I was saying my prayers before dawn, sitting in my car at the hotel before heading back home. I Realized at that precious moment that all my fears were being abolished. Jesus is real and I would not regulate myself to a ritual of saying prayers to something or someone unseen. Knowing full well that I am not crazy seeing is not always believing; however, what is always true is feeling. I feel The Master! I do not need one’s “imposter painting of Jesus” in order to believe. Get up and live. Don’t sit behind a locked door trust in the Christ to move us forward. His name resonates on my lips day and night!


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