Your New Home!



Day Number 68 Your Daily Forecast  Cheer Up and put on a Happy Face!

There is a program televised on a local cable station called “House Hunters.” The program tapes people in the process of  looking to purchase that perfect  home. The program, furthermore follows the potential buyers through the process from start to finish. The program often includes renovations and improvements after the purchase of the home. However, before the hunt begins for the “perfect home” the real estate agent qualifies the buyer. Once this happens the real estate agent begins, gather listings in the buyers price range. The show is unique for the reason that the real estate agent sometimes finds a home that is out of the buyers price range. What makes it so special is the sales techniques used to get the buyer to look at properties outside of their price range. The real estate agent might show a property that is in Foreclosure, the owner might be desperate to get rid of the property, leaving a great deal of wiggle room  for the purchase of a more expense property.  Without due pressure the real estate agent permits the buyer to realize their potential budget without going over the amount he/she has to spend. Homes that might be out of the buyers price range suddenly become available.  The real estate agent knows what the potential buyer can afford; yet, it is up to the buyer to make the decision on what they want to spend. In the Christian community God knows that we have full potential to be more Christ like, we just don’t know if we have what it takes. When doubts sit in, it is hard to get a person motivated to do anything beyond what they think they are capable of doing. As a result, God often times will show us what it’s like to live “sin” free in a painful world. If we’d just look at ourselves through God’s lenses He will let us know how big our hearts are and what we can afford to do for others. Our own inadequacies  bar us from the good things God has in store for us. God, like the real estate agent shows one property that we believe is beyond our reach to show us our full potential is realized through the Power of Jesus Christ.


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