The Rich and Lazarus…

ImageI heard a story detailing information about a young man in his 50’s. He was tall, about 6 feet 2, with dark hair, a beard the length that would out beat Mr. Claus’. Extremely kind and easy going; yet, not loquacious, he was a beggar. However, Lazarus in his poor condition was not the stereotypical reasons advocates voice against the destitute. No, he was not lazy, no he was not “shiftless” and no he did not rob, murder or steal.

The condition weakened his body so fast! Strong and resilient when facing adversity, Lazarus was intelligent besides. A deteriorated spine can happen to anyone sadly overnight. Before long Lazarus was getting around with the aid of a walking cane. Operations on the spinal cord are often too risky to involve repeated surgeries for the patients in this shape. lamentably, Lazarus’ doctor advised against another back surgery. Insomuch as, the doctor could not guarantee a lesser degree of pain as the surgery’s outcome future surgery was suspended. Sharp instruments initially sliced open a relatively large area of Lazarus’ back. This first medical procedure permitted the physician a degree of medical investigation enabling him to explore the root cause of the pain. Years went by, the pain in Lazarus back worsened. The insurance bills piled sky high arriving at his residence. Many doctors visits for examinations and follow-ups were arrested. Doctor prescription medication was purchased and used sparingly. Finally, Lazarus ended up pauperized laying at the gate of a very rich man in town. The man known for his shenanigans in politics, this political figure stole from the poor diurnal. Life was exceedingly good for the rich man. The rich man had his life laid out how, where, and when. The rich man’s home was located on a busy street. The location permitted Lazarus the availability to beg for his food and other supplies. The rich man obstinate in lack of sharing listened intently each day to those stopping to give Lazarus coins not worth much. With much contempt, the rich man’s only acknowledgement of Lazarus at the gate was “He’s spoiling the beauty of my place.”

Is someone spoiling your beauty today?

The rich man had it made. The rich man and his wife threw lavish parties; however, the doors were open to other fortunate profitable cheaters. These people robbed the poor so that they could be rich. Needless to say, many during nocturnal hours would rob the poor of their pockets while they slept. The rich man among his peers were flagrant characters classified beyond sin with Jesus. Absolutely nothing was denied the rich man. Wealthy beyond measure, two sisters and one brother running the family owned businesses across the state made money galore. If they cared it would cheapen their credibility within the community.

Not sure of the distance between the rich man’s death and Lazarus’ death and I am not sure which one died first. Both men died. Lazarus sore’s bled him to heaven and the rich man’s coldness was received in the hottest place he’d ever visited. Getting to heaven is not easy, if you want to know the truth. Funny how some rich people remain pious even under dire circumstances!

Hell has no fire extinguisher!



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