“Thinking About Leaving”


My husband Michael was adopted under the age of two-years old. His parents, Jennie and Wilbur Drake visited with him on several occasions part of the adoption process. Though Michael’s memory is vague on the “who, what, and when” somehow he knew he was going away. People told him he was getting a new home, to keep watch because Jennie and Wilbur Drake were coming back! I want you to think for a moment about where your new home is going to be.  Who told you about your new home? Jesus came to visit, did miraculous healing, and checked in on me. I know Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, provided shelter, and fed the hungry.  Others who were poor in spirit He blessed, He’s father to many.  He said, I’ll be back, said He’d return and take us to our new home. Upon Wilbur and Jennie’s return, Michael was ready to go.  All his little clothes were washed, pressed, and packed. His little belongings weren’t much but they too were placed in the bag, and the suitcase was by the door.  Michael didn’t know how to tell time at 2-years old, so he wasn’t aware of the hour in which Wilbur and Jennie might return.  The day came,Wilbur and Jennie knocked and the door was opened. Michael looked up at the foster care mother who took care of him and for a moment he was hesitant in leaving this home.

But the foster care mother whispered to him “It will Be Alright” Wilbur and Jennie took his little hand and went home.  When Michael went to his new home, Wilbur and Jennie provided all the things he had missed being in foster care. They provided a new train set, a rocking horse, stuffed animals and much more.  His parents celebrated his birthday twice a year, on the day they took him home and his natural birth. Wow! What do you think is waiting in-our new home? Seeing Jesus personally, all kinds of goodies, including being reunited with loved ones! Wow!

I am not sure when Jesus is coming back. But, when Jesus comes to escort me home, I am going to prepare making sure that I’m ready.  I never had an important job, never lived in a big house; never made a big paycheck, and at times my little talents were relished to the back of the room. 

But, my little things are ready and my bags are packed.  Jesus said,”He’d loose my little things in heaven.” I wait by the door attentive to the knock although I might be a little hesitant, I’ll hear His whisper, “It will Be Alright. ”He’s coming any day now to take my little hand and take me home.









3 thoughts on ““Thinking About Leaving””

  1. This is a powerful message! We must be ready to go for we know not the time. I think it is important to practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer and acts of grace and mercy in order to ready ourselves and grow in faith. Thanks for sharing this powerful writing.

  2. I just discovered your ministry website and this is the first message I chose to read – what a wonderful praise – Yes, we must be ready to receive Him in his glory and be carried to or heavenly home.
    Soror Catherine Woodard – Alpha Sigma Chapter

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