Cheap Grace

Cheap Grace is akin to faux fur, it won’t keep you warm when its cold outside

It will only look like fur, but at the touch your hands will become callous.  Cheap Grace lets you parade around thinking you’re in fashion, but then it starts shedding when the wind blows.  Cheap Grace is like the dye used to give that faux fur the sable look but then it starts to fade.

Cheap Grace is like faux fur, because people ask “Is that real?”

Cheap Grace is like faux fur because it breaks down after every use.

Cheap grace is like faux fur its got a bad smell to it, because it was made by under age children in sweat shops making little to nothing on wages so our CEO’s can live in million dollar homes.

Cheap Grace is like faux fur there is no “assurance” on it, no policy will cover it.

Cheap Grace is like a faux fur when a preacher claims he/she work in the sales department instead of in the “Saving & Loan” department, you can buy cheap grace. A saleman has a script the preacher has the scripture.

Cheap Grace, on sale today.

This is why Imoan


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