The Verdict of Lindsey Lowe

The Verdict of Lindsey Lowe
The verdict today puts Lindsey Lowe behind bars for the rest of her life. Overwhelming for the family and friends of Ms. Lowe how will they struggle against “odds.” Courtroom benches cry out from sagging stories of ill-fated disabled people in society who cry out in silence because even they do not know what is wrong. Still convinced the answer to all the hurts and struggles must be Prayer in the bowels of earth shuddering stories like this one, God is still alive and well. Perhaps life is not about having all the answers, and it is times like these when we really want answers, but we have to depend upon Jesus and lean not upon our own understanding of circumstances and situations we face and hear about in life. I believe that behind the walls of every heart there are beats that never skip past the God that I serve, it is the soul that needs attention, it indeed is the soul that needs a “Balm from Gilead” to smooth us over the nasty blisters and boils that we cannot lance open without God’s Grace. The worker in the Vineyard says: “But, it’s not fair” is it humanly possible to see Grace as fair? Nevertheless, then again, did God say His Grace was fair or did He say His Grace is sufficient?


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