“Room in the End”

“Room in the End”

Experiencing a longer chill in the air and a forestalled spring when Easter arrives early, well it appears that it is happening this year, as the people in Middle Tennessee experience a weather that seems full of doubts.  A spring that wants to come at times, and at those times dressed warmly, I stepped out into a ray of beautiful sunshine, as the sun shouts, “Surprise, it is really warm today.”  Shedding sweaters, jackets, and occasional gloves that I wear for extra defense against the weather, found recently on the bargain table at my local department store.  On the other hand, there are those times when I look at the sunshine and find myself chilled to the bone once I step foot outdoors and find the weather so very cold.   Living at one time, my parents had a name or reason for everything that happened including bouts of weather cycles uncommon; yet, familiar to our way of life.  My parents would probably call this “Blackberry Season” and the closest definition I can find for “Blackberry Season” would be the weather taking forever to warm up to spring like days during the season that we would expect the weather to be really hot!

Many churches respond to the cold weather plea of those who are homeless by providing a place for them during certain months of the year.  The program called “Room in the End” operates from October to March in most churches affiliated with this program.  My cat “Lazarus” and I take walks early in the mornings especially during this time of year; we find the temperatures unseasonable cold!  In awe that our churches (not all) but the ones that would end a program so abruptly could find it in their hearts to still want to be called “The Church.”  When will we find a month or so more of compassion to heap on our Brothers and Sisters lacking?  When will we get back to being “Room in the Inn” truly a place that made room for baby Jesus, because baby Jesus wants us to make a place for others?  Our churches should be the mission field set aside for those without, how grateful an old sagging cot would be to have a nice body to cradle at the end of the day.  I pray that someday, we can put the “Inn” back on the End of our churches for the homeless, but until that day Imoan…

Prayer:  Today Lord, I ask for strength to be a voice that is heard and not crucified and to keep voicing words for the homeless so that their voice will come through.  Lord, it is only because of you that I am spared another day let me use it for your good, to spread the gospel, to help garner another for the kingdom.  I realize how we marvel not at those things that bring mystery from above, but we marvel at others good fortunes.  Please Lord, help us to remember you come to visit in so many different ways truly; you are the stranger among us and because of your journey,






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