A Tribute To Trayvon Martin, Murdered in Florida One Year Annivesary

We must not forget our children dying at young ages from violence in our streets, schools, and homes. Our hearts should bleed today as we witness the one-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin and the injustice he suffered at the hands of one who we should consider a victim of the system of disbeliefs and stereotypes. God has all powers and we have access to that power. Forgiveness can be one of the hardest things God ask us to do, loving our enemies can be the second hardest thing for us to do, but we must do the thing that is most hard if we want that same forgiveness from Jesus. Romans 8:28 Works for me when I find it hard to search myself for the right answers and for the mysteries to unfold so that I might understand when I do not have the willingness to want to, my excuse “But, God I am only human” funny but that just does not work for us if we are truly thriving to make Heaven Home. Right now during the season of Lent, our Jesus is in the Wilderness, He is hungry and can smell bread cooking, He longs for home and can see that great city, as Satan says “Here, it’s all yours” and He knows that He can take off, just fly off if and only if He wants to but He does not test His Father, He does not test Our Father. If we are truly Christ, if we are truly about what Christ is then we are aware of the fact that our God is not a pygmy and because of that we know that we are big. We can keep going towards the light, because we can be the light that shines in this dark world regardless of what we see and what we hear.


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