God, Us and 911

Tuesday’s Devotional
The test of ones resiliency was in question on 911, not only that but our belief systems were tested.  What came out of the ashes?  When we look at our progress we see that wounds are starting to heal.  Many people who lost spouses are remarried giving us hope that love still lives on.  Those who cannot replace a brother, mother, father, cousin or friend have found some semblance of hope in those who were there for them to lean on.  The Bible states “I will send one that is thicker than a brother” in this case Lord Come!  Discovering a loss of control, many people found hate was the only way for them to get through a period where our Higher Power was showing us the way.  Though the light was dim many refused to look beyond the scarred tissue of the heart to find it.  It was easier to hate than to find the accessible  messages in the Grace of Jesus Christ.  Many continue to stumble around in darkness, drinking their own poison…

s while others have moved to a much safer place, the place called peace.  Peace that surpasses all of our understandings, the peace that says “Be Still” and know that we do have someone who is fighting the battle for us.  Having been close to hate, I know that it is not a good space, it is a virus that spreads, it is contagious and the end result is disastrous indeed.  But, believing that the church pews sagging from the weight of those who came seeking God for answers, and stayed, lifted God up in the time when our enemies thought they had the last laugh.  No, God garnered new believers who came and were touched by the simple but powerful messages sent to the heart when all else failed. We shall never forget in times of trouble when it appears that our enemies are so strong that they will overthrow us, that King Jesus rides in and protects us.  The caveats from our enemies can not do us harm!  We might be rudimentary soldiers, but we are dressed in all of God’s armor to shield us and protect us, and to protect the country in which we live forever and ever!

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