Tuesday’s Devotional

“When you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking.

If you have anything against someone, forgive  only then will your heavenly Father be

Inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.”  Mark 11:25

I use to kneel down for prayer time thinking that I was doing the right things to get everything I ask of from God. Believing that I was doing all the right things, God would definitely hear and answer my prayers. The paradigm went something like this: First, I would attend to my own private space or secret closet to talk with God. Second, I would always include the Lord’s Prayer. Next, my mantra would always be, “God, if you love me, please give me this, or give me that.” Third, would I pray for someone who wronged me??? Yes, by saying “God, you get em.” 

See, I had a dislocated heart and the prayer lines were broken because I did not want to forgive others. Today, not only do I pray for those who I might consider have wronged me, but also I pray forgiveness for those that I have wronged. Today, I spend much time in meditating on scripture, and praying for every good thing to come to those who I believe has wronged me! I received relief, because God so graciously placed a spiritual cast on my dislocated heart and now it has healed. I know the workings of the Lord, and I am being served a six course dinner in front of my enemies. Yet, God has given me a cup that is running over with goodness. I still hurt when wronged; I still hurt when I am misunderstood or when I think a person dislikes me. Do I?  YES, YES, YES.  However, I have found such a mystical release through praying for others that even when I have to shed tears, I know that I am sharing my tears with the one who loves me unconditionally.  Try praying for your enemies and you will see what God can do.


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