A Nice Lady Indeed

A Fine Lady Indeed:

June 8, 2012

This morning I received the news that a dear friend and church member has passed away. A beautiful person, a beautiful soul transitioned to heaven unaware of the deep-rooted hole she has left in my heart.  Although I have met plenty of nice people, I seem drawn to those who are older than I am for their wisdom and strong scent of spirituality.   Older people seem to hold the medulla of life often times knowing what another should do in a crisis simply because they have heard the story before.  Ms. Catherine was that person to me.  Not only was Ms. Catherine close to a second beat of my heart, she would frequently shower me with her blessed chicken salad.  Her chicken salad was almost the best, if not the best I have ever tasted, along with my favorite recipe of her shoe candy.  Small pieces of candy made in a candy-molded shoe. 

Sharing entertaining conversations through the telephone mostly was a real treat for me; I do not think Ms. Catherine ever did a text message.  No, we did it the “ole fashion” way dialing one another and interacting just the way I learned to converse many years ago.  I never felt a gap in our ages even though Ms. Catherine had children close to my age.  Moreover, I never heard her say to me “I shouldn’t tell anybody” because everything she said about anybody was always so positive.  Ms. Catherine often times shared with me her life growing up near Murfreesboro Road, in Nashville, TN.  Although, behooving to me to remember them, that is their names, and the details are scant at this moment she was so fond of her colored friends that she ended up spending many of her Saturday nights at their home.  Ms. Catherine was not so much about lip service, as she was a servant of the Lord; it seemed as though she loved every one and believed that every one deserved civil rights.  At church gatherings, Ms. Catherine always made sure I had enough of her chicken salad, and she always made me a goody bag to give to Michael upon arriving home, because she said, “he is always so nice when I call.”  It is the little things that make us feel special in a big way!  Although her cats shied away from visitors still she would ask Michael and I to come pay them a visit.  One time Michael was out of town overnight, I called Ms. Catherine to inquire about whether she was afraid of staying home alone at night, and she responded with “no, I got a double barrel shotgun that will keep people away.”  I laughed so hard she gave me the impetus that night not being afraid to stay alone.

Her grandmother taught her how to cook, and what a wonderful cook she turned out to be.  I already mentioned the wonderfully tasting chicken salad, but I have not mentioned the beautiful sorority cake she baked for me.  When I first asked Ms. Catherine to bake the cake, she told me “if you want one of those fancy cakes you’ll have to employ your local supermarket to do that.”  I responded with “Oh, please Ms. Catherine, the local supermarket cannot bake it with love like you can.”  Besides the cake turning out to be super moist melt in your mouth more than one piece immediately following the first one, it was also beautiful!  Ms. Catherine had the sorority colors as the icing in blue, gold, and little women holding some of the sorority’s paraphernalia.   Fancy, Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. letters “took the cake” no pun intended.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not tell you how much she loved family!  Whenever she mentioned Mr. Bill to me, it was always Bill Farmer never merely Bill or Mr. Farmer.  When she talked about her children, it was always the anticipation of going on vacation with them, or seeing her grandkids.  Although the girls were away she did not speak of them no less than her son who lives in the area.  I could hear the excitement in her voice when she talked of their careers, how smart each one was, and all of their accomplishments.  What I appreciated about Ms. Catherine was she was the sort of mother that let her children go and grow; she wanted them to be happy!  She knew they cared and loved her deeply too.  One of my last conversations with Ms. Catherine she told me that her daughter had come to see about her and go with her to the doctor’s office, so that “they could find out what’s wrong with me.”  While my last conversation with Ms. Catherine was awfully disturbing to say the least because she was not herself, at church she asked me where she was suppose to be, was church out and this was doing fellowship time.

I explained to her that it was time for her to attend church and that it had not started yet, she seemed so relieved.  I recently received a card in the mail from Ms. Catherine.  Ms. Catherine sent the card because she does not often see me in the 10:30 AM church service.  On that particular Sunday that I attended the 10:30 AM service, I was worship leader.  One of the functions of the worship leader is leading in prayer. Ms. Catherine wrote a note card to me stating how much my prayers mean to her, they are with passion and sincere she goes on to say that, it is always a special treat when I am in her service time.  I have received cards from Ms. Catherine since the year 2009.  I am sad that she never taught me how to make the chicken salad; my heart is sore because she is not here for me to talk to.  I am glad she is with “Bill Farmer” because I know he has missed her chicken salad, conversations, and spiritual warmth.  In one of her cards, she told me “I was her hero” I am glad Ms. Catherine brought some sonshine in my life.  In fact, because Ms. Catherine brought more of the sonshine in my life she is a fine lady indeed!


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